Blue and Black Acrylic Click Cigar Pen

With an amazingly deep shimmer, this traditional cigar style click pen will quickly become a favorite of yours. The swirls of deep blue and black making up the body of the pen have been shaped and smoothed by hand, then buffed to a glass-like, scratch free shine. The acrylic will naturally resist normal day to day wear while retaining this beautiful finish.

The hardware is chrome plated with a super smooth click mechanism. Clicking the pen extends and retracts the included black ink gel cartridge. To replace the Parker style refill, simply unscrew the tip of the pen. The pen has a nice weight and feel. Not too heavy, and not too thick though it is both thicker and more heavy than the slim style pens we offer.

Each pen is handcrafted by John Greco of Greco Woodcrafting in his pen studio. John makes each pen from start to finish and guarantees your satisfaction.

This one of a kind, ready to ship pen will ship in black drawstring pouch. If shipped to a NJ address 7% sales tax will be added.

**Greco Woodcrafting is proud to have been commissioned to make pens for The President of the United States and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales**



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