Green Stylus for Tablets & eReaders

Sleek and sophisticated, this soft-tipped stylus has a beautiful green swirl acrylic body with hints of white, blue and gold speckle. The hints of gold speckle play perfectly with the 24k gold plated hardware.

A little shorter than a standard pen, the stylus fits nicely in your hand while using your iPad, Droid tablet, smartphone, or eReader device. When you're finished you can use the convenient clip to keep it secure in a shirt pocket or attached to your tablet case.

The handcrafted body has been carefully shaped and sanded before being buffed to a gleaming shine. Turning it in the light will reveal the true depth of the acrylic.

Ready to ship anywhere in the world, your new stylus will arrive in a black velvet drawstring pouch. If shipped to a NJ address 7% sales tax will be added.

**Greco Woodcrafting is proud to have been commissioned to make pens for The President of the United States and His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales**


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