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International Association of Penturners
Woodbury Rotary Club

Notable Commissions

Pen for The President of the United States, President Obama

Pen for His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales

Pen for Governor Chris Christie

Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum - Limited edition lot of 125 handmade pens using salvaged dockwood from beneath the Walt Whitman Bridge. Available exclusively through the museum.

St. Peter's Church of Philadelphia - This 250 year old national historic landmark contacted me to give a second life to a historic tree they needed to take down in the graveyard. The work ranged from small bowls to a custom designed cross.


February, 2011 - South Jersey Magazine "Home Grown"

February, 2011 - Fine Woodworking Magazine Blog

August, 2011 - The Crafts Report

August 18, 2011 - Gloucester County Times "Local crafts wooden pens for Philadelphia museum"

December 2011 - JerseyMan Magazine"Why whittle away time when you can carve out a business?"

February 28, 2012 - Guest Speaker, Woodbury Rotary Club

Summer 2012 - The View, St. Peter's Church of Philadelphia

About John Greco, Owner of Greco Woodcrafting

Greco Woodcrafting, LLC was founded in April 2008 by John Greco of Sewell, NJ. What started as a children’s toy company now has a focus on handcrafted, heirloom quality pens.

John originally took an interest in woodworking after his 7th grade shop class. After several more years of shop class, he went on to spend his Freshman year at The College of New Jersey learning not only about woodworking, but also metal and plastics work through their Technology Education department. John later realized he enjoyed working with wood more than he would enjoy being a teacher, and finished his BA degree as a Political Science major. Despite the change in studies, John never lost interest in woodworking.

Today, John works largely with wood and acrylic. Greco Woodcrafting’s motto Built to Last the Test of Time is not only indicative of the heirloom quality of his work, but also speaks to the sense of design that is seen in all of the pieces. From the design, to the pen material selection, to the hand buffed finish- each piece is given individual care and attention through every step.

In Spring 2012 John began a partnership with the Historic Pen Company. John is their Master Pen Maker, crafting historic "witness wood" into fine writing instruments.

Wholesale inquiries are always welcomed.